Adapted Lens Talk
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Adapted Lens Talk

SMC Pentax 28mm f/3.5K, with Fotodiox Pentax K to Sony E adapter. Shot with Sony a7R. 1/60s, f/16, ISO 100.

Photographed by Timothy S. Devine:

'This photograph was taken with a SMC Pentax 28mm f/3.5 K mount lens, not the Takumar that came before it, or the Pentax M version that came after (both are of different designs.) It was only produced for two years (1976-1977), and is my favorite 28mm lens for landscape shooting. I’ve tried quite a few other 28mm primes over the past couple, but I find the Pentax has the best mix of qualities that I look for. From great color and contrast, to low CA and an amazing ability to fight off diffraction when stopping down, it holds up amazingly well on today’s modern digital sensors. I’ve tried a few copies of this lens, and while they were all sharp, some of them exhibited increased depth of field in the foreground, I assume due to towards the camera field curvature. This particular copy exhibits this behavior, and I often take advantage of this behavior in my shooting.

For this particular photograph I chose a perspective of Pemaquid Point Light that I had shot many times over the years. But I have to say that on this trip everything really came together. The sky was absolutely incredible, and I used a circular polarizer to help accentuate it. The Pentax was very much up to the task, and I think it showcases the strengths I mentioned above. For those that have handled true manual focus lenses, the Pentax doesn’t disappoint. As with many older lenses, it is built like a tank and the focus ring is very well dampened. Many landscape shooters use live view and focus manually with autofocus lenses anyway, so manual focus with this lens doesn’t bother me… In fact I have to say I probably prefer it.'