Adapted Lens Talk
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Adapted Lens Talk

Contax G 90mm, with Kipon Contax G to Sony E adaptor. Shot with Sony NEX 5N. 1/1000 sec., f/8, ISO 400.

Photographed by Tim Zhou:

'I took my little Sony mirrorless camera and the longest lens I had - 20 years old Contax G 90mm f2.8 hoping to take some shots during an air show in Swansea, UK this Summer. After having found a vintage point, I set the camera on aperture priority mode, the aperture to f8 and focused to infinity. As Contax G lenses do not have own focusing rings (they require a helicoid adaptor to focus), so I used camera's magnify focus to make sure the focus was spot on. The rest of job was just press the shutter button.

My mirrorless camera has a little longer shutter lag compared to my previous DSLR, so I did need to anticipate and press a little early. Generally speaking, I find using adapted lenses far more rewarding, not only do I now have access to a large number of excellent legacy lenses, such as my Contax G, but also I have learnt to have more control over the process of capturing images.'