We all know that a good camera is helpful when it comes to producing high quality video. Just as important, however, is how the camera moves. A good director or cinematographer can utilize camera motion in to set the mood, add emotion, or even to disorient the audience.

One of the most jarring camera moves – but a very effective one when used well – is the dolly zoom. Hitchcock made the move famous in Vertigo, and it has been used in many other films to add tension to a scene.

The dolly zoom works pretty much the way it sounds – you simultaneously zoom in or out on your subject while moving the camera in the opposite direction on a dolly. The result is a subject that appears to stay in place as the perspective of the scene changes noticeably. It takes a bit of practice, but employed correctly it can be very effective.

The video above from YouTube user 'Now You See It' does a great job of explaining the dolly zoom and how filmmakers have used it to great effect. It's not a move to use every day, but it's worth keeping in your back pocket so that when the opportunity arises you're prepared to do it.