Mobile photography app Hipstamatic is embracing its growing popularity among photojournalists by creating a new digital lens and film pack named after photojournalist Ben Lowy. Lowy made headlines when his Hipstamatic images documenting life in Afghanistan were published in the New York Times Magazine last fall.

The lens and film effects were a collaborative effort between Lowy and Hipstamatic, and will be released later this year as a 'GoodPak' - available for purchase (price TBC) within the iPhone app made by Synthetic. Designed with minimal filter effects, the final aesthetic is expected to appear less processed than other Hipstamatic options. Like previous GoodPak offerings aimed at raising funds for charitable organizations, the Lowy GoodPak will benefit the nascent Hipstamatic Foundation for Photojournalism, expected to offer grant funding to photographers, according to a British Journal of Photography article.

An Afghan man launches a kite from a ridge overlooking Kabul. This Hipstamatic photo by Ben Lowy is part of a series that attracted attention last fall when the New York Times Magazine opted to publish Lowy's camera phone images over photographs from his DSLR equipment. (pic: Benjamin Lowy/Reportage, for The New York Times)

For now, Lowy is using the new Hipstamatic filters in Libya, where he is documenting the country’s first democratic elections in 60 years. 

(From the British Journal of Photography)