Later today I am aiming to apply a site-wide update, the application of this update may take a few hours during which time the site will be unavailable or only partially operational. I expect to start this work at approximately 6 PM BST (1 PM EST). As soon as the update is complete I will add an update to this news article. This update is both infrastructure and cosmetic based, it delivers equal 160 pixel columns (for information and advertising) left and right of a wider center column, it will also enable us to deliver new site features more easily in the future. Any cosmetic issues after the update should be resolved by a 'hard refresh' (hold CTRL or APPLE while clicking reload) or clearing your browser cache.

Phil: We have been planning to widen the site design for quite some time now, it will provide us with the ad spaces our advertisers have been asking for as well as providing more space for content in the wider center column (although we're not going crazy, readability has to be taken into account. The biggest change in this update is a move away from the use of tables for layout, instead using div's and css (although not yet fully 'standards compliant' as we have to keep browser support as wide as possible).

UPDATE: New design applied.