Rob Galbraith has published the results of a 30 day field trial of IBM's 1 GB Microdrive conducted amongst eleven North American photojournalists. Rob says, ", it's sometimes difficult to imagine that the Kodak DCS/Canon D2000 shooters were using the same card as some of the D1 shooters... ...either a mostly positive or mostly negative experience. Which way it went depended entirely on the camera used." Looks like the 1GB Microdrive may not be a good choice for PJ's.

The Microdrive's ability to work around common errors should improve the reliability of writing photos to the card, and reading them back later, relative to older miniature hard drives. This will only be true in cameras that are completely compatible with the Microdrive, and as the main story discusses, the D1 is not one of those cameras.

Click here for Rob's 1GB Microdrive field trial results