Four days ago the New York Times ran an article about Olympus's new E System and specificaly the E-1 digital SLR. In it they stated that the camera would cost 'less than 100,000 yen ($847.17)'. This of course caused a huge stir on our forums (as well as a flood of emails to us asking for clarification) with half of the people believing it, and half not. Today Olympus Tokyo has issued a statement clarifiying that the MSRP for the E-1 body as $2,199.

Official statement from Olympus Tokyo:

"On July 7th, the New York Times ran an article erroneously quoting the price for the new Olympus E-1 at 'less than 100,000 yen ($847.17).' This price is absolutely incorrect. The US MSRP for the E-1 (body only) is $2,199. The estimated street price in Japan is 300,000 yen ($2,613) for the E-1 body with the 14-54 lens. The MSRP for the 14-54 lens in the US is $599. Any pricing information for the E-1 and Olympus' new line of Zuiko digital specific lenses should be confirmed directly with Olympus, either in the US or Tokyo, before being reported."