Kodak has quietly introduced three new C series cameras today. The EasyShare C360, C330 and C310 will join the C340 and C300 models, launched at PMA, to be sold as a package with the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Series 3. The C360, which tops the range, offers five megapixels, while the C330 and C310 both have a resolution of four million pixels. The C360 and C330 also boast 3x optical zooms and will retail for US$279 and US$179 respectively. The lower end C310 is priced US$139. Packages will range from US$239 to US$379.

Press Release:

New from Kodak — Easily Shoot and Print Pictures with All-in-One Digital Photography Packages from Kodak; A Complete System in a Single Box

New KODAK EASYSHARE C-Series Digital Cameras, EASYSHARE Printer Docks, and EASYSHARE Software Combinations Make it Simple to “Get the Picture”

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 4 -- Eastman Kodak Company is making it simple and quick to shoot , print and share real KODAK pictures, thanks to innovative new packages that combine award-winning EASYSHARE digital cameras, printer docks, and software . With an entire snap-to-print solution in just one box, Kodak is making it effortless to buy a complete personal photography system, and to begin sharing pictures within minutes of returning home from the store — with or without a computer.

Included in these packages are new KODAK EASYSHARE C-Series point-and-shoot digital cameras — C360, C330, and C310 models announced today, as well as previously announced C340 and C300 models — plus the KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock Series 3 and KODAK EASYSHARE Software. Simply by placing the camera on the printer dock and pressing one button, people can make a real KODAK picture in as little as 90 seconds. Packages range from US$239 to US$379.

“KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Photo Solutions are the answer for busy parents, grandparents, and others making the jump into the world of digital photography,” said Mary Hadley, general manager for digital still cameras, Eastman Kodak Company. “Since 2001, the EASYSHARE system has set the tone worldwide for simplified picture taking and printing. These new introductions take simplification a step further, making it even easier to purchase a complete system, without worrying if you have assembled the ‘right’ pieces. We’ve done that work for you.”

According to IDC, Kodak is the leading shipper of digital cameras and snapshot printers in the United States, based on 2004 full-year reporting.

KODAK EASYSHARE C360 Zoom Digital Camera and Printer Dock Series 3

The EASYSHARE C360 camera with Printer Dock Series 3 combination (US$379 MSRP) offers a full-featured, affordable digital camera system with a touch of style. The elegant, pocket-sized camera design allows people to take the camera everywhere, then capture, print and share both everyday and once-in-a-lifetime moments. The large, two-inch LCD display enables instant picture review and sharing right on the camera. Convenient, intuitive back-of-camera controls provide access to most functions with just a slight thumb movement.

Because getting the shot right is so important, this 5.0-megapixel camera offers KODAK RETINAR 3X optical zoom lens and new advanced features such as digital red-eye reduction, on-camera cropping and a blur warning indicator to help users get great pictures time and time again.

For people looking beyond just still pictures, the C360 model also features TV-quality (VGA) video and audio capture and playback capability. Automatic picture rotation makes pictures taken vertically appear right side up on the camera, television or computer screen.

The KODAK EASYSHARE C360 camera with Printer Dock Series 3 will be available beginning this month. The camera will also be sold separately for US$279 MSRP.

KODAK EASYSHARE C330 Zoom Digital Camera and Printer Dock Series 3

The EASYSHARE C330 camera and Printer Dock system (US$279 MSRP) is an all-around system for a variety of picture taking and sharing experiences. Ideal for people on the go, the C330 rear-panel controls provide easy access to the camera’s features, including on-camera cropping and red-eye reduction. The camera also boasts 4.0-megapixel resolution and a KODAK RETINAR 3X optical zoom lens for beautiful prints.

The KODAK EASYSHARE C330 and Printer Dock Series 3 combination will be available beginning in July. The camera is also available separately for US$179 MSRP.

KODAK EASYSHARE C310 Digital Camera and Printer Dock Series 3

The EASYSHARE C310 camera with Printer Dock Series 3 (US$239 MSRP) delivers a simple, fixed-focus camera (4 MP resolution) for people interested in exploring digital photography, while at the same time providing high quality pictures at the touch of a button.

The KODAK EASYSHARE C310 digital camera combination will be available beginning in August. The camera will be available separately for US$139 MSRP.

Making the EASYSHARE System Connection – Snapshot Printers and Software

In January, Kodak announced the KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock Series 3, the first snapshot picture printer to support the new IMAGELINK print system, working with EASYSHARE cameras and other manufacturers’ compatible cameras (plus support for PICTBRIDGE technology and memory card readers). The Printer Dock Series 3 prints real KODAK 4 x 6-inch pictures with just one touch in as little as 90 seconds — with or without a computer. Its phenomenal image quality, combined with portability, makes it useful in both the living room and ‘on the road’ at parties, family gatherings or other special occasions. Thanks to the combination of convenience, speed, ease-of-use and compatibility with multiple camera brands, Kodak has shipped more than two million EASYSHARE printer docks worldwide since mid-2003, making it one of the world’s best selling snapshot printers.

KODAK EASYSHARE software for WINDOWS and MACINTOSH systems provides effortless digital picture organization, editing, sharing and printing, as well as built-in CD burning. The exclusive One Touch to Better Pictures feature takes advantage of proprietary color technologies developed by Kodak to help users get vibrant, true-to-life prints from inkjet printers. KODAK EASYSHARE Software is now among the most widely used picture software titles in the world, with more than 22 million consumers enjoying its features.

In the J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Digital Camera Satisfaction Study SM evaluating performance, connectivity, cost and appearance, KODAK EASYSHARE cameras in the $200-399 and $400-599 price ranges were ranked highest in customer satisfaction. Digital cameras in these segments comprise more than 60 percent of the U.S. market, according to data from The NPD Group.

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