With the announcement of what Lytro is calling its 'professional-grade light field camera', the Illum, the company is trying to spark the imaginations of photographers interested in exploring the creative opportunities that light field technology can bring. 

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To showcase the unique style of three-dimensional imagery possible with the Illum, Lytro put its new camera in the hands of five leading visual storytellers. The company has released a promotional video that takes us behind the scenes as five 'creative pioneers' discover what they can do with this innovative new technology. 

Lytro put the Illum into the hands of five leading photographers to explore the visual storytelling they could create with this new photographic tool.

Lytro asked each artist to create a series of photographs for a living gallery of emotions: hope, love, fear, rage and grief. The documentary follows them from coast to coast in their quest to explore the camera’s innovative technology in a deeper, more human way. From portrait artist Anna Webber's film noire scene in the streets of New York City, to the surreal imagination of Kyle Thompson set against the drizzly woods of Eugene, Oregon, it's a glimpse of something the company hopes may just redefine the artistic conversation for years to come.

Photographer Anna Webber used the Lytro Illum to showcase the human emotion of love in film noire scenes using Lytro's touted 'living picture' format.

'It's about finding the depth - pushing the composition to really give the viewer something to explore', Webber says of the Lytro Illum. For action photographer Brian Nevins, it's about 'trying to achieve a deeper storytelling with these images. I'd like the viewer of some of these images to not only feel like they're there, but to also feel like they can see what the person in my frame is seeing as well'.

Have a behind-the-scenes look at how these photographers used the Lytro Illum to tell their stories, and let us know in the comments how you imagine light field photography might unlock your own creative potential.

Photographers featured in the video:

As with its original camera, Lytro is offering a special introductory price for early adopters of the Illum. To find out more, and to enter the Ultimate Lytro Photo Experience Contest, visit www.lytro.com