We've just received an updated Fujifilm X10 featuring the revised, orb-resistant sensor, announced in March. We've rushed it straight into our studio to see how it performed, alongside the existing X10 we had been putting through our review process. We'll be doing more in-depth testing, to check whether the changes Fujifilm have made have had any other impact on image quality but, given the interest surrounding the issue, we thought we'd show our preliminary results. (Updated with image quality comparison)

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'White Orb' test

Here we've used a directed light source to show the large white discs, or orbs, that the X10 (and X-S1) would show when bright light overwhelmed the sensor.

Orb test using existing X10:

1/1.3 seconds, F5, ISO 100

Orb test using revised X10 with modified sensor:

1/1.3 seconds, F5, ISO 100

Image quality comparison

Here, to check whether the sensor modification has had any other impact on image quality, we've shot the same still-life scene with both the original and modified X10. In both instances the cameras were shot at ISO 3200, F5 and 1/13th seconds. We're not seeing a significant difference between the two but will be re-checking all the test work we'd done on the original camera before publishing our review.

Existing X10 (100% crop) Modified X10 (100% crop)