Just received this press release from Light & Motion about their new line of underwater digital photography cases. These Tetra housings support the Olympus C-2000 - 4000 series digital cameras (including the C-4040Z) as well as being able to support add-on wide-angle or macro lenses.

Press release:

Light & Motion Underwater Digital Photography Housing

Light & Motion is proud to announce a new line of underwater digital photography systems, built around their highly successful Tetra Digital Photo Housing. The Tetra housing supports most of the Olympus 2000, 3000 and 4000 series Digital Cameras including the recently released Olympus 4040. Drop the Olympus 4040 into the Tetra housing, don your scuba gear and get ready to reproduce beautiful color images at a whopping 4.1 MEGAPIXELS.

The Tetra underwater housing can be purchased as a solo housing or as part of a complete photo system called a Travel Package. Tetra Travel Packages are complete systems that include the Tetra housing, one or two strobes, one or two strobe arms and flash connectors and a variety of lens options that are packed neatly in the included carrying case.

Light & Motion is also proud to announce the revolutionary Wetmate Lens System. The Wetmate lens system, built specifically for the Tetra Digital Photo Housing, allows the user to change lenses underwater. You'll never have the right subject and the wrong lens again. The Wetmate Ultra Wide lens delivers an astounding 100 degrees of coverage with full zoom through, while the Wetmate macro lens handles close focus duties. Lenses are offered separately, together or as part of a complete Tetra Wetmate Travel Package.

Tetra housings and Travel Packages provide user-friendly access to all camera functions allowing the underwater photographer to focus on the task at hand; capturing beautiful images.

*Tetra housings accommodate most of Olympus' 2000, 3000 and 4000 series digital cameras.

For more information or a dealer near you, contact Light & Motion at 300 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940, ph 831-645-1525, fax 831-375-2517, website www.uwimaging.com.