Eyefi, the maker of Wi-Fi memory cards, has today launched Eyefi Mobi Pro, a new 32GB WiFi SD card. It improves the existing Eyefi Mobi model by adding wireless transfer of Raw image files and new photo categorization and search functions.

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Key functions include Selective Transfer which allows you to transfer only selected images from your card to a mobile device or computer, rather than an entire batch. JPEG files can be sent to a mobile device for instant preview, quick editing and sharing while Raw files can be sent to a computer for processing in an image processing software. Infrastructure and direct mode network support means that away from home, the Mobi Pro card creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot for image transfer while at home or at the office it connects to a local Wi-Fi network for faster data transfer speeds.

As before, the Eyefi cards work with a mobile companion app which has received an update for the Mobi Pro launch. You can now compare photos and view some EXIF-data, making it easier to select the best images for transfer. The app also connects to Eyefi cloud, making your entire image library accessible from your mobile device. Within the cloud service a new algorithm automatically classifies images for easier categorization and search. In addition to date, time and geographic location, images are classified by subject areas such as food, indoor, outdoor and other attributes. Eyefi Mobi Pro is available for $99.99 which inlcudes one year of membership to the Eyefi Cloud service at a $49.99 value.