The built-in LED flashes in smartphones are not usually very powerful or efficient, thus flash use is generally best avoided when taking pictures with your mobile device. However, more recently we have seen several external light solutions, such as the Relio or Lume Cube, that are aiming to get you better image results when shooting in low light with your smartphone. Soon there will be yet another option in shape of the PowerLite.

The PowerLite uses 14 LEDs to generate up to 630 lumens of brightness which is roughly equivalent to a 40W light bulb. The light is controlled via an iOS or Android app and output power is full adjustable. For natural results the PowerLite is daylight-balanced at 5300K.

But unlike the Relio and Lume Cube, the PowerLite is not just a light. It offers several additional functions, most of which are useful to mobile photographers. It comes with a remote trigger button that wirelessly triggers the your smartphone camera's shutter. It also recharges the phone when connected via the integrated microUSB or Apple Lightning cable. The standard PowerLite battery offers 1600mAh and the Slim version still comes with 800mAh which should provide a few extra hours of battery life for your device. 

Lastly the device offers a phone finder function, sounding an alert on your phone at a press of button. Depending on the version the PowerLite weighs only 30 or 45 grams and can be attached to a key chain. It is compatible with with iPhone 5 and 6 models and Android devices running version 4.3 or higher. The team behind PowerLite is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund mass production and shipping is expected in June 2015. Backing options start at a very reasonable AU$5 (approximately US$4.11) if you agree to share the project website via social media. For more backing options and information head to the PowerLite Kickstarter page.