Users can click on buttons and scroll through menu options in a new interactive learning tool from Gary Fong.

Gary Fong has launched a new online instructional service, giving photographers a way to become proficient with select camera models in a unique way. Rather than providing a rote list of video tutorials, users are presented with a virtual version of a camera model that is fully interactive: buttons can be pressed, switches can be toggled, and menus can be explored.

When an interactive element is clicked, such as a Menu button, a video tutorial discussing that element pops up on screen. These tutorials aim to expand beyond the instructions typically provided in device manuals, helping photographers master their cameras in an efficient manner.

Only two camera models are available right now: the Sony a6000 and the Sony a7ii. Fong plans to add more cameras to the interactive options in the future, including the Nikon D7100 and Canon EOS 7D Mark II. Those interested are able to test the interactive elements for both cameras and watch samples of the video tutorials. Full access to either camera tutorial costs $12.95.