Dpreview.com is recruiting again. We've got grand ideas and grander ambitions but achieving them will really require another web development engineer. This is an opportunity to join our growing web development team as they enhance the web's foremost camera resource.

dpreview.com November 2009 ‘web development engineer’

Impress your friends and confound your enemies by spending your days building cool features for a massive (and growing) community. dpreview.com, the world’s premier digital photography review site, is looking for standards-savvy, photography-loving web developers to join our growing web development team. The past 18 months have seen our small team build an entire lens review pipeline, a community-driven challenge system, our own search engine and a completely remodeled user profile system. With these projects in the can we’re preparing to again double the size of the team and tackle the “one day” items on our dev list. We need you to join our London (UK) based development team and help us redefine what an online vertical community can be.

About dpreview

  1. We have the content (10+ years worth), the data, the users (600k uniques daily), the community, the experience and the will to make amazingly useful, innovative and engaging web apps. Join us and we’ll do even more.

  2. We have a massive active user community who will use, discuss, praise & possibly criticize your newly launched features within seconds.

  3. We enjoy the autonomy and atmosphere of a start-up with the resources and backing of a household name.

  4. We embody the flat-structure concept. Everyone (including you) answers directly to the founder - a fellow developer.

  5. We’re primarily a .NET shop, but we run a little bit of everything here and will consider virtuosos of other disciplines.

  6. On one hand we tackle the technical side of photography; breaking stories and getting down to the nitty-gritty in our unmatched reviews. On the other, we encourage the practical and social aspects through our popular forums and challenge communities (with more features to come).

What we’re looking for

  1. Folks who can make it to the London Bridge area (London SE1) daily (sorry, no telecommuters).

  2. Solid understanding of the web development, .NET development and especially ASP.NET development landscapes. Familiarity with WebForms, MVC and ashx development essential. Note: pilgrims from java and dynamic language camps will get a fair shake but only if demonstrably awesome in non-denominational aspects of web development.

  3. People who can turn their hand to anything. A new language, architecture or idiom? Novel development methodologies? Audacious projects? Foosball?

  4. Developers who find the idea of working in a small team, developing for millions of visitors, both exciting and a little scary.

  5. Big web 2.0 ideas (1.0, or ‘classic’, is fine too) along with the confidence and skills to take them all the way to completion: Concept, DB procs & tuning, internal library development, caching strategies, HTTP handlers, front-end design and client-side JS.

  6. Familiarity with (and preferably zeal for) the pillars of modern development: source control, bug tracking, build & deployment management, unit testing and constant refactoring.

  7. Impressive firebug, fiddler, VS debugger, SQL profiler and index tuning chops.

  8. Someone who can articulate their ideas, who can handle scrutiny of their pet-projects and proactively communicates with the rest of the team (lone-wolf behavior is teh suck!)

  9. Ideally some time already spent building scalable architectures. Experienced with AWS (S3, EC2, SQS, SimpleDB), Microsoft Azure and/or Google app engine? Let us know.


  • Send your (short and punchy) CV and application letter, stating your earliest availability and salary expectations to jobs@dpreview.com quoting the reference number 11118.

  • Absolutely no tele-commuters (non-negotiable)! We want to see your smiling face on a Monday morning.

  • Cover letter tip! We like people with initiative. Tell us what you want your role to be. It’ll easily double your chances of getting an interview, plus you might actually get what you wish for (no guarantees)

  • CV tip! We’ll only read the first sentence of any project/employer bios. What we really want to see are descriptions of your roles & personal contributions on past projects (lie at your peril!). Links/screenshots for previous projects always get our attention.

  • We offer competitive salary, stock package, and excellent benefits.