CES 2009: Pretec has introduced a 32GB CFast, the smallest solid-state drive (SSD) to feature a SATA interface. The SATA interface should allow CFast cards, the next-generation devices from the CompactFlash Association, to reach speeds of up to 375MB/s. The 32GB Pretec card is capable of transfer speeds of up to 160MB/s (300% faster than the fastest CF card today), and will be available next month, with a 64GB version to follow soon. There are no cameras at present that accept the CFast format.

Pretec Unveils CFast™ Storage Card, the Smallest SATA SSD in the World

Las Vegas, USA. January 8th 2009 –– Pretec, as the 2nd in the world to offer CF card (1995) and the producer of the world’s largest capacity CF card (64GB), proudly unveils at CES 2009 today the Pretec CFast™Storage Card, another breakthrough in the flash. Pretec CFast™Storage Card is a revolutionary product with CF card sized form factor incorporating the key strength of high speed SATA interface.

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Pretec 333X CF card, the highest speed CF card in the world released on September 2008 at Photokina is running at the speed up to 50MB/s, such traditional CF standard adopts PATA standard with maximum transfer speed of 133MB/s, will soon become the bottleneck for the ever increased speed demand of SSD. CFast™is developed by CompactFlash Association (www.compactflash.org) to break the speed limit from 133MB/s (PATA) to 375MB/s (SATA) while keep the small and popular original CF mechanical form factor.  Pretec CFast™Storage Card contains a single chip controller and flash memory module(s) in a matchbook-sized package with a 7+17-pin connector that consists of a SATA compatible 7 pin signal connector and a 17 pin power and control connector. This single chip controller interfaces with a host system allowing data to be written to and read from the flash memory module(s). Measured only 36mmX43mm,  Pretec CFast™Storage Card is the smallest SATA interfaced SSD in the world.

The transfer speed of 1st generation Pretec CFast™Storage Card is up to 160MB/s, about 300% faster than the fastest CF card today. Merited to such hasty speed & small size offered by Pretec CFast™, professional photographers can now make the best use of high-end cameras and ultimate technology image devices by relishing continuous shots without waiting time for catch up; Industrial, embedded or PC users such as IPC, Mobile Internet Device (MID), and Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) can now simultaneously obtain the desirable features of next generation fast, small and reliable mobile storage.

Pretec CFast™Storage Card is available now in 32GB and will be demonstrated to customers at CES at Las Vegas by appointment only, general sampling will start from next month with 64GB capacity to be released soon.