Late last week saw the introduction of Cascable to the Apple App store, an iOS app for remote controlling Wi-Fi-enabled cameras. Cascable allows Apple device users an alternative way to access and control their W-iFi enabled camera via an iPhone or iPad, and extends shutter control to the Apple Watch. At the time of launch only Canon EOS cameras with integrated Wi-Fi are supported, but Cascable says it will be expanding its compatibility to include others manufacturers 'soon.' 

The app's interface includes access to settings like exposure, timers, and auto focus options, and facilitates both the importing and sharing of photographs from the camera. Images can be downloaded to the mobile device in full resolution in batches or individually; Raw image transfer is also supported. Cascable likewise includes integrated calculators for identifying exposure settings when using a neutral density filter or when trying to render stars sharply. Second-screen functionality is offered via AirPlay and HDMI for viewing photographs on another display. 

Of course, cameras with integrated Wi-Fi already work with that manufacturer's stock app. These apps can be clunky and at times unreliable, so Cascable might appeal to the photographer who's unhappy with the free app provided. It will also be attractive to someone who is looking for support for the Apple Watch.

Cascable is available now via the Apple App Store for $19.99 USD. Users must be running iOS 8 or higher. The company does not state whether it has plans to release an Android version.