We're very pleased to introduce two new members of the Digital Photography Review team, Simon Joinson and Stephanie Krahn. Simon and Stephanie are joining us from the UK publication 'Total Digital Photography' where Simon was the Editor and Stephanie the News Editor. Today also sees the publication of the first reviews based on our shorter 'concise review' template which is designed to enable us to produce reviews of mid-range cameras more quickly and yet maintain our coverage of the details which matter. This new review format is in addition to our in-depth reviews which will continue as before.

Before 'Total Digital Photography' both Simon and Stephanie worked on 'What Digital Camera' magazine which Simon founded back in 1997 (when it was the UK's first digital camera magazine). Simon is also an accomplished writer with no less than seven books to his name.

New review format

The new concise review format will be used only for reviews of mid-range digital cameras, we will continue to produce the detailed in-depth reviews of prosumer and digital SLR cameras.