The latest firmware for the Nikon Z6 and Z7 makes a significant difference to the cameras' usability and focus performance, so we've revisited the scoring for both cameras to address the improvements.

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We found the Eye AF system significantly improves the ease of shooting human subjects with the Z6. It's also useful for fine portraiture, though the intermittent inaccuracy can be problematic for extreme shallow depth-of-field work. Overall, these improvements greatly change the user experience and are enough to bump the camera's overall score up from 88% to 89%, making it the joint high-scorer in its class.

The change to the Z7's score is less pronounced, remaining at its original 89%. This is partly because its 45MP sensor makes the slight inaccuracy of the Eye AF system more significant but also because the update doesn't appear to make a big improvement to the camera's low-light AF performance, which was a major factor in the camera's AF score.

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Are you going to do this for other cameras?

There have been significant firmware updates for a number of other cameras and we'll be re-testing and updating those reviews wherever possible.