Pre-Photokina 2008: Leica has launched an updated version of its M8 digital rangefinder camera. The M8.2 features the same body as the M8, but includes the previously optional upgrades announced at PMA in January 2008. These include a low vibration, extra quiet focal plane shutter with the option to re-cock the shutter at a more convenient moment. The camera body also sports a new vulcanite finish and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover glass for LCD protection.

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The black version of the M8.2 can be identified by the black Leica logo dot and hotshoe.

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Press Release:


Leica Camera AG is pleased to announce that there will now be a choice of two German-made models.
The current M8, much loved for dynamic and discreet high end photography, which has been subject to a continuous firmware improvement, will continue.

Leica Camera Ltd is committed to supporting this flagship product further, thus enabling owners to benefit fully from their investment. The SRP is £3390 (inc VAT) although authorised Leica dealers are offering a £400 Leica M8 trade up incentive. This incentive is scheduled to end on 30 September 2008, although there is a strong likelihood of an incentive extension.

A new M8.2 model will be available from late September 2008. This model shares the same
body and characteristics of the current successful M8, but includes some alternative
attractive features built in. Such features include:

  • A new extra-quiet, low vibration metal blade focal plane shutter with the option to re-cock the stutter at a later moment – useful to reduce noise even further
  • An ultra scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover glass for the camera monitor – the Leica M8.2 is the first professional camera to use such material
  • A new snapshot mode – useful in tight reportage conditions
  • A “vulcanite” finish to the camera body (black and silver versions)
  • Viewfinder bright-lines (to frame subject) optimised for 2 metres (M8 is 0.7 metre)
  •  A more compact, faster charger
  • Operational changes following user feedback

Following requests from many professional photographers, the black version of the LEICA
M8.2 has been finished more discreetly as the Leica dot and accessory shoe are now
also in black.

This version is particularly stylish with a new extra durable high-quality deep black finish,
SRP is £3990 (inc VAT).

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