Gadget Masters has uploaded a video showing the BlackBerry 10 camera application in action. The new operating system for RIM is set to be released in exactly a week and has the tech world buzzing with excitement over a new mobile platform. While many believe that BlackBerry is doing too little too late, others are hopeful that the Canadian company can help encourage more innovation from market leaders Apple and Android.

Over the past few weeks, news has been leaking out about BlackBerry 10’s new features. A video on an Austrian website indicates BlackBerry's Z10 handset will have an 8-megapixel camera and a 4.2-inch display.

In this video, Gadget Masters use the camera feature of an early version of a BlackBerry Z10. The capture screen functions without a designated shutter button; instead the user takes a photo by pressing anywhere on the screen. The video then takes us to Z10’s editing feature where you can apply “artistic” filters and “transform” or “enhance” the image. The Z10 also appears to have a variety of faux-film filters to add a border or texture to photos. The commentary in the video is gushing—not surprising, considering Gadget Master's obvious Blackberry bias—but so far, Z10's camera and editing features do not look especially groundbreaking. We will bring you a full review of Blackberry 10's camera once it is released.