Sigma has announced that the latest version of its Pro Photo RAW development software which is bundled with its latest SD-14 DSLR will be available to users of SD9 & SD10 cameras from early April 2007. Sigma says this latest release has an improved image-processing algorithm and that v3.0 for PC and v2.2 for Macintosh will be available via the Sigma website.

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Press Release:

Sigma Photo Pro Software download for SIGMA SD9 and SD10 users

The download of SIGMA Photo Pro v3.0 RAW image processing software for Windows and Sigma Photo Pro 2.2 for Macintosh is planned for SD9 and SD10 users early in April. This latest version of Sigma Photo Pro software has an improved image-processing algorithm and it is already packaged with the SD14 Digital SLR camera.