Hama's Wi-Fi data reader "Pro" is three devices in one.

At its booth in hall 4 at Photokina accessory maker Hama has a few useful products for smartphone and tablet users on display. The Wi-Fi data reader "Pro" is a card reader that broadcasts the contents of inserted cards over Wi-Fi. Not only does this allow you to wirelessly read files from SD-cards and USB-sticks on your mobile devices but also works as a Wi-Fi router and repeater, and lets your smart recharge your device from a built-in 2600 mAh battery.

If you can do without the bells and whistles and only need the data transfer function there is also a wired reader that connects to your smartphone or tablet via the microUSB slot and USB OTG connectors. It can transfer data at a speed of up to 480Mbps.

Hama is also one of a few manufacturers to show a 'selfie-stick.' The Selfie 90 extends to approximately 90 centimeters and makes up for short arms when capturing selfies. It comes with a GoPro action-cam holder but an optional universal smartphone mount is available and the stick comes with a standard tripod thread, allowing you to attach a huge number of different device mounts and holders.

The Selfie 90 extends your reach when capturing self-portraits with a GoPro camera or smartphone.
This card reader connects to mobile devices via a microUSB port.