Eric Hyman, author of Bibble has just announced version 2.5 of his image conversion / manipulation application. Previously seen as one of the best conversion tools for Nikon D1 RAW files Bibble now supports conversion of Canon RAW files (D30) at a claimed two to three times faster than the Canon software (I've yet to test this). (Don't email me about the grammar of the title... If you don't get it just ignore it).

Click here for Bibble 2.5

Whew its been a while!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I've spent the last 3 months trying to find a way to work around using the slow canon .crw drivers, and I've succeeded!

Now you can finally tap amazing power and flexibility that is in your Canon D30 Raw files in a reasonable amount of time.

With this version of Bibble you will now be able to load D30 .crw files 2-3 times faster(depending on options) than you can with any other piece of software...including canons.

Additionally, since the files are now 100% being processed by Bibble, you will also get better color through Bibble's custom profile, and great detail with bibbles raw interpolator, not to mention full 16 bit processing.

Additionally, after making adjustments to your images, and saving them as 16 bit tiff's or jpegs, all the EXIF shooting info is preserved in the file for future reference. Bibble can also process .crw files by themselves(Without the .thms), but then you don't get EXIF info.

Of course all of this also functions with all of Bibble other features including its lightning fast browser, image processing tools (Curves, Levels, etc), as well as a direct Photoshop "File:open" plugin.

This version also fixes some niggling bugs that crept into the last version.

As always, I hope you are finding Bibble useful.


4-4-01 Version 2.5

* NEW * Complete support for D30 including CRW's/Jpegs/Exif
* NEW * Dramatic 3X-2x Speed increase when decoding CRW files.
* NEW * Enhanced D30 Raw color using custom profile.
* NEW * Canons drivers no longer needed for CRW files.
* NEW * D30 Files preserve EXIF info when saved.

Changed preview in general options to default to full size. Changed Click white to use average of area around click. Changed default Autolevel parameters to smaller values. Added Bibble to EXIF software info. Added File:Reset to reset options and reset registry. Improved ICC Color management routines. Improved speed of Photoshop plugin. Fixed Blank D30 Images when preview options was off. Fixed copyright getting assigned to Nikon 8) Fixed problem with Monitor ICM selection becoming garbage/crashing. Fixed problem with options display preview incorrect sometimes on first use. Fixed crash when rotation or noise removal was used in options. Fixed problem with Repeatedly asking for Jpeg compression size in batch. Extended 10 day trial for previous trialee's.