If you are a snowboard aficionado or some other kind of adrenaline junkie and already own a GoPro or similar action cam, the HEXO+ drone might be your next must-have gadget. There are a good number of consumer drones available already but what makes the HEXO+ stand out is its subject tracking capability, meaning no pilot or camera-man is needed. You can be the subject of your own movie and shoot it without anyone's help. 

The HEXO+ is the brainchild of professional snowboarder Xavier de le Rue who was looking for a solution that would make aerial filming possible in remote places such as mountains and snow fields, and not require coordination between a rider, camera man and pilot. 

HEXO+ is controlled via an app on your smartphone.
The flight path is determined by subject movement and a range of parameters.

The drone is controlled via an app on your smartphone and the process sounds pretty straightforward. You set the distance between drone and subject and their relative position in a 3D-model and use sliding gestures for panning and height changes. When you transfer the settings from the phone to the HEXO+ the drone will automatically take off, fly to its specified position and hover there until the subject starts moving. It flies at a speed of approximately 76km7h (47mph) and can can stay in the air for around 15 minutes before the battery runs out.

Currently the team behind HEXO+ is looking for funding via a Kickstarter project and it's been very successful so far. There are still seven days left in the campaign but the funding goal has already been exceeded by a large margin. Early bird offers have sold out but if the idea of an autonomous drone sounds enticing you can still secure a flight-ready HEXO+ from US$599 plus shipping. For engineering types there is also a DIY-kit available at $299. It includes the flight controller, app and instructions but you'll have to make most parts yourself by 3D-printing them. Watch the video below to see the  the HEXO+ in action. 

Source: Kickstarter