Nikon has taken the unusual step of updating the firmware of its discontinued CoolPix P7000 enthusiast compact. Firmware v1.2 offers a broad selection of improvements and bug fixes, ranging from improved AF targeting to the correction of an error that meant the color temperature scale was reversed when correcting White Balance during in-camera Raw processing. The updated firmware can be downloaded from Nikon's websites.

Description of changes:

• Autofocus performance has been increased for more reliable focus acquisition on the intended subject, reducing the number of cases in which focus on the subject was not acquired or focus was acquired on the background when the shutter-release button was pressed halfway.

•  Auto bracketing and the self timer can now be enabled at the same time.

• Aperture settings at or near maximum aperture were grayed out and apparently unavailable for selection (selection was actually possible) when the following procedure was performed. This issue has been resolved.

  • An aperture value other than maximum aperture was applied with shooting in [A] (aperture-priority auto) mode
  • The camera was turned off
  • The camera was turned on again
  • The user attempted to adjust the aperture setting (aperture settings at or near maximum aperture grayed out)

• An issue that prevented operation of the specified function when the shutter-release button was pressed while the Fn (function) button was held down in [M] (manual) mode has been resolved.

• An issue that in some rare cases caused inaccurate shutter speed display in [M] (manual) mode has been resolved.

• An issue that caused an asterisk (*) to be displayed, and continue to be displayed even when settings were reverted to their default values, next to the Vivid Picture Control (COOLPIX Picture Control) option when User Setting U3 was enabled has been resolved.

• The results of adjustments to White balance>Choose color temp. using the P7000's NRW (RAW) processing function on NRW (RAW) images were the opposite of those achieved with adjustment of NEF (RAW) images captured with Nikon digital-SLR cameras (higher settings resulted in bluer images while lower settings resulted in redder images). P7000 settings have been reversed for operation and results similar to that of D-SLR cameras.

• An issue that in some extremely rare cases caused NRW (RAW) images to become completely black with editing using the camera's NRW (RAW) processing function or with RAW processing using ViewNX 2 has been resolved.

• An issue that caused borders and outlines in images to appear rough with playback on an HDTV when the camera was connected to the TV via an HDMI cable has been resolved.