German designer Markus Gerke has unveiled a design concept for wearable glasses that could simulate the effect of Instagram filters. In one of the weirdest design concepts that we've ever seen, Gerke's 'Instaglasses' would feature a built-in 5MP camera and microcomputer, and would be able to simulate the effects of different Instagram effects filters at the push of a button, before capturing and uploading the scene to Instagram.

The concept of glasses with built in camera and computers isn't completely off-the-wall. Military pilots have been using helmet-mounted displays for some time, and both Google and Olympus are actively experimenting with consumer-oriented 'smart glasses' which could overlay a variety of different types of information directly into a wearer's eyeline. 

Gerke's concept envisages the 'Instaglasses' simulating, capturing and uploading photographs taken with Instagram-type filters.

Could photo effects filters make their way into similar devices in the future? For now, Gerke is at pains to point out that his concept is merely that: a concept. A note on his website reads: 'Please note - [this is] only a design concept. I will not produce it and I don’t want to make money with it. I only want to show how it could look like. Thanks for watching'.

What do you think? Is this an inspired idea, or a concept too far? Let us know in the comments. 

Via Mail Online