Japanese camera site DCWatch has reviewed the PQI Air Wi-Fi Micro-SD to SD adapter. The adapter features a built-in Wi-Fi transmitter but, unlike rival FlashAir or Eye-Fi cards, does not feature any internal memory of its own - instead allowing you to swap MicroSD cards in and out. The adapter communicated with smartphones via an Android or iOS app from where you can browse and download images from the camera. The system allows you to swap inexpensive standard MicroSD cards, rather than buying multiple Wi-Fi cards, also allowing you to upgrade the speed or capacity of card without having to replace the Wi-Fi component.

The DCWatch review (as translated by Google) appears to suggest the adapter can act as something of a bottleneck, meaning you may not get the full speed of the MicroSD card you use. The reviewer also had some problems trying to download multiple images but ascribes this problem to the app, rather than the Wi-Fi stability.

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No details are yet available for the card outside Japan (though an English manual including US FCC approval details is available from the PQI website). The Japanese list price works out as around $50/€38 for the adapter without any MicroSD memory. Transfers are limited to specific file types, depending on which app you use (JPEG and PNG for stills, MP4 for video being the minimum - with no Raw or AVCHD support on either platform).

For more details about the PQI Air card, visit the PQI Group website, where you will find a list of compatible (and incompatible) cameras.