Samsung wants to 'own' the mirrorless camera sector, according to Seung Soo Park, Samsung’s Vice President, Strategy Marketing and Digital Media. This will include enhanced communication with customers and firmware updates for its cameras based on their requests, he said, in an exclusive interview with

'Over 30% of customers are registering their NX10 - they really want to communicate with us. They're checking for firmware updates every day so we're learning to be more pro-active, trying to improve our service,' he said.

Seung Soo Park: 'we want to be the owner of this category'

The result will be firmware updates based on this feedback, he confirmed. 'We're receiving many good ideas, ways to upgrade and improve the user interface - we will be issuing firmware not as trouble-shooting but as relationship management,' said Byung-Deok Nam, Vice President of the development team.

Meanwhile, Park dismissed the idea that the NX10 should be seen as an entry-level DSLR competitor, citing its high-resolution AMOLED screen and 14.6MP CMOS sensor as evidence that the new mirrorless camera is in a class of its own. ‘The NX10 is a new breed of camera’ he explained - neither a development of DSLR, nor compact camera technology, but a ‘new paradigm.'

Asked how he would summarize the NX10’s unique selling points, Park pointed to Samsung’s use of an APS-C format sensor in a body which offers the same ease-of-use as a high-end compact. Huge efforts are being made, Park told us, to make Samsung into a ‘camera specialist’ in its own right and he promised consumers ‘more, and faster innovation’ in the near future.

Despite these ambitions, he admitted the company had been ‘very surprised’ by the popularity of the 30mm f/2 pancake lens. 'For every 100 kit zooms we sell, we sell 50 pancakes,'he said and pointed to the NX10’s light weight and small body as a key to the success of the tiny lens.

When asked about the future of Samsung’s GX-series DSLRs, which were developed in partnership with Pentax, Park was noncommittal. The relationship with Pentax remains one of ‘close co-operation’ he told us, but in the short term, Samsung’s focus is on NX.