Spotted this new product announcement on BusinessWire. Viking Components, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing manufacturers of component technology, Tuesday announced its new IntelliFlash(TM) USB flash memory reader/writer for high-speed, image and data transfer between a flash memory card and a PC. The reader supports SmartMedia cards (up to 64MB), CompactFlash and PCMCIA ATA Type I & II. Ships April 2000.

Viking IntelliFlash works for PC Card types including SmartMedia(TM), PCMCIA Type I or II ATA cards, and CompactFlash(TM). Its USB connection is hot swappable, allowing users to insert and remove cards without having to power down and reboot the system.

And its bi-directional high-speed data transfer allows users to quickly and easily download images from a digital camera, or data from any other PC Card source at a speed of up to 1.5 MB per second.

"IntelliFlash's data transfer rate is up to 50 times faster than the connection that comes standard with most digital cameras. This high-speed transfer minimizes the download time for greater productivity and efficiency," said Shannon Biggs, executive vice president, Viking Components.

"Viking is a leader in flash memory technology and is excited to introduce the IntelliFlash flash memory reader -- the first in Viking's new line of flash card accessories."

Viking's current line of flash memory products includes SmartMedia cards, available in capacities up to 64 MB, CompactFlash cards, available in capacities up to 128 MB, and ATA Type II cards, available in capacities up to 320 MB. ATA Type II cards in capacities of 640 MB and 1 GB are expected to ship in April 2000.

For further product, price and compatibility information, users can visit Viking's online configuration manual at