Amateur photographers in the UK are being invited to capture digital photographs of Britain's rural, urban and human landscapes to help to build a picture of Britain. The competition is being run in conjunction with a BBC4 series 'A Digital Picture of Britiain' presented by professional photographer Tom Ang. As well as the chance to win £500 worth of photographic equipment, winning entries may be featured in a Photographic Masterclass presented by Tom Ang on BBC interactive TV. They may also be exhibited at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Yorkshire in September 2005. You can catch A Digital Picture of Britain on Sunday 3 July at 10pm.

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NOTE: The rules state ' agree, by submitting your contribution, to grant the BBC a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, play, make available to the public, and exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to your contribution worldwide and/or incorporate your contribution in other works in any media now known or later developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in your contribution, and in accordance with privacy restrictions set out in the BBC's Privacy Policy.'

Press Release:


The BBC4 series 'A Digital Picture of Britain' (Sundays 10pm) has caught an unprecedented level of attention from the digital camera-toting public.

Each programme series invites three top photographers for each of six regions of Britain to photograph landscapes which are close to their hearts. The photographers were given either a top-end camera like the Canon EOS-1Ds Mk II, a mid-range camera like the Fujifilm f810 or a mobile phone camera such as the Sony Ericsson S700i.

Nearly all the photographers were inexperienced with using digital cameras, so the programmes were as much about their struggles with technology as their photography.

Running alongside the series, is a website which features a competition, masterclass pages by Tom Ang, as well as downloadable posters and features on the BBC1 series 'Picture of Britain' presented by David Dimbleby. Alongside these is a masterclass film featuring photographers featured in the series, also presented by Tom Ang.

The web-site statistics tell us much about the enthusiasm for digital photography in the UK. Within days of the site becoming live, even before its official launch, pictures were being submitted for the competition. 8 days after the first broadcast, 18,000 images had been submitted from 1.25 million page impressions. A month later, the total of images on the web-site has climbed to an amazing 46,000 with some 3,000 waiting to be made live.

Page impressions (roughly equivalent to visits) is over 4 million with nearly every visitor staying more than 3 minutes. Further, many have taken the effort to rate their fellow photographers' work - 345,000 ratings were made.

The next programme on BBC4 3 July 10pm covers the South-East, featuring Emily Allchurch (who recreates Master paintings digitally, using contemporary scenes), Kalpesh Lathigra (photojournalist) and Nick Danziger (documentary photographer).


BBC4 at 10:00 -10:40 p.m. starting on Sunday 5 June for six weeks

DIGITAL PICTURE OF BRITAIN is an innovative photography series which challenges leading photographers with digital photography.

In each programme, three professional photographers were invited to abandon their own equipment and use a digital camera. They were given either a mobile phone camera, a mid-range model or a top professional camera. They were asked to create digital photographs of urban, rural and industrial landscapes in a part of Britain close to their hearts.

The series is presented by Tom Ang, a professional photographer and leading teacher and authority on digital photography.

Each programme explores a different part of the country: The East, The South East, The South-West and Wales, The Midlands, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and finally The North.

The participating photographers represent the cream of modern British talent, ranging from photojournalists to fine artists, from landscape photographers to portrait specialists.

The participating photographers are: Emily Allchurch, Martin Beckett, Ian Berry, Richard Billingham, Jo Broughton, Dan Chung, Calum Colvin, Joe Cornish, Nick Danziger, Graham Fagen, Tom Hunter, Roger Hutchins, Kalpesh Lathigra, Jenny Matthews, Eamonn McCabe, Mary McIntyre, David Shrigley, and Robert Taylor.

The result is a stylistic feast of modern photography which explores many hidden and unexpected corners of the country.

Each program is accompanied by an interactive film focusing on the practical aspects of photography, presented by Tom Ang and featuring inspirational advice from professional photographers on how to improve your photography. Feed-back will also be given on viewers' submitted pictures. A dedicated web-site also accompanies both the BBC1 and BBC4 series.

Viewers are invited to submit their own Digital Picture of Britain and their photographs will be shown, as well as the chance to rate pictures. The 'How to take good photos' section of concise, practical tips for improving photography is illustrated with Tom Ang's brilliant images.

This series accompanies the major BBC1 series 'Picture of Britain' 9:00 - 10:00 p.m.