Pre-PMA 2004: In our first official press release timed for the run-up to PMA Fujifilm UK has confirmed its commitment to the film market. While we don't normally publish news about film cameras it does seem to be the flavour of the moment to speculate on who will be next to "dump film" after Kodak's recent announcements. Fujifilm UK has today announced four new film models initially with more to come in 2004 (including APS).

Press Release:

20 January 2004: In preparation for PMA 2004 (Photo Marketing Association exhibition*) Fujifilm has today made a worldwide announcement confirming its commitment to the film market, and introducing several new 35mm and APS film cameras to its product portfolio. To read the worldwide press release, please visit

Information and statements for the UK market

Fujifilm challenges industry speculation on future of film cameras

Company boosts film camera range with four new models, and more to come in 2004

Fujifilm is defying current trends in the photography industry by announcing significant investment in film camera technology in 2004, and by adding a raft of new models to its compact film camera range - both APS and 35mm.

Despite pressure on the conventional camera market, and with some manufacturers consolidating their R&D functions or exiting the market altogether, Fujifilm affirms that certain product categories are, in fact, exhibiting steady demand, with products such as 35mm zoom compacts, entry-level, easy-to-use fun cameras - and certain APS models such as the Fujifilm Q1 - showing notable resilience. On top of this, single use cameras are demonstrating remarkable growth, with sales increasing by almost 30% year on year in the UK. Consequently, Fujifilm is continuing to support the industry with the introduction of both film and digital products, with developments in film, compact cameras and single use cameras projected throughout 2004 and beyond.

There are several reasons why film remains the preferable medium for many photographers, including familiarity with the format, camera ease of use and lower costs. Fujifilm believes that consumers should have the choice of either 35mm film, APS film or digital photography available to them. Although digital cameras are now very much accessible due to lower prices and the growth in high street digital printing, the company feels that customers should have the opportunity to purchase film products if that's what they prefer.

Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm's UK Director of Consumer Products, commented, "Film is very much alive! Fujifilm is continuously confronting rumours in the industry that the film camera market is in decline, and is fully committed to developing exciting new technologies in the field of film photography. Although prices of film cameras are being forced down with the enormous interest in digital cameras, penetration of digital is nowhere near as high as that of film cameras.

"What's more, there is still a healthy market for products that are simple to operate, low in price and produce fantastic photos developed in a familiar way - many people don't feel inclined to change from what they are used to."

Fujifilm emphasises that film cameras offer extremely high value for money. For example, if you compare a digital camera to a film camera with equivalent features, you would pay approximately half the price for the film model. Furthermore, many professional and enthusiast photographers remain convinced that film is still a higher quality medium.

Facts to know about the UK film market

  • In the UK, almost two million film cameras have been purchased during the last 12 months
  • Compared to two years ago, film cameras have almost halved in price, giving consumers greater value for money
  • Single use camera sales volumes continue to rise by almost 30% per annum
  • While digital processing is becoming more prevalent, film still dominates in the area of photographic processing services

Fujifilm's new product launches
In the first half of 2004, Fujifilm UK will be adding four new compact models to its extensive line-up, with models designed for the beginner through to more advanced cameras for the keen photographer. The models are: the Clear Shot S, the Zoom Date 120 and Zoom Date 135, and - adding another member to Fujifilm's popular and successful Q1 family - the 'Q1 Zoom' APS camera.

Fujifilm Q1 Zoom (compact APS camera with 2x zoom)
The fashionable Q1 Zoom will appeal to the style-conscious, but the design is also fun for children and teens looking for their first zoom camera. With its funky chrome features and curved good looks, it will be irresistible to anyone who tries it! Supplied as a gift set, including strap, batteries and film, it's a tempting impulse purchase. Key features include:

  • Packaged as a gift set including strap, film and batteries
  • Fujinon 22mm - 44mm 2x zoom
  • Auto Focus
  • Built-in auto flash with red-eye reduction
  • Drop-in film loading
  • Funky blue/chrome colour

The Q1 Zoom will be available in the UK in March 2004.

Fujifilm Clear Shot S Auto-Focus (entry-level 35mm camera with gift set):
This stylish, fully automatic 35mm camera comes packaged as a gift set, and is ideal as an impulse purchase for a birthday or other gift, for both men and women. Complete with case, strap, film and batteries, within a couple of minutes, it's up and running and ready-to-go. Despite its low price, the Clear Shot S is packed with useful features, including:

  • Fujinon lens, Auto-focus
  • Easy film loading and Auto film advance
  • Auto film rewinding
  • Built-in auto flash
  • Red-eye reduction
  • LCD display on top
  • Self timer

The Clear Shot S will be available in the UK in April 2004.

Fujifilm Zoom Date 120 (mid-range 35mm camera with gift set):
Ideal for holidays and trips for capturing precious memories, the Zoom Date 120 offers an outstanding range of features. The stylish, high quality silver/chrome coloured body gives it a tough, professional feel, yet it's light to carry, small enough to slip into a pocket or handbag, and - most importantly - simple to use. Its key features are:

  • Fujinon 38-120mm auto-focus 3.2x zoom lens
  • New, simple to use drop-in loading system with pre-winding
  • Large LCD display for easy operation
  • Auto zoom flash with Fill-in, Night Portrait, Landscape and Red-eye Reduction modes
  • Packaged as a gift set with strap, case, film and batteries

The Zoom Date 120 will be available in the UK in June 2004.

Fujifilm Zoom Date 135 (mid-range 35mm camera with gift set):
A camera for all occasions, the Zoom Date 135 is the successor to the popular Fujifilm Zoom Date 125 and sets new standards for mid-range compacts. The titanium-effect body, ultra-modern design and small size make it the perfect gift for the discerning photographer who likes their camera to look as good as the photos it produces.

  • Fujinon 38-135mm auto-focus 3.6x zoom lens
  • New, simple to use drop-in loading system with pre-winding
  • Large LCD display for easy operation
  • Auto zoom flash with Fill-in, Night Portrait, Landscape and Red-eye Reduction modes
  • Packaged as a gift set with strap, case, film and batteries

The Zoom Date 135 will be available in the UK in June 2004.

*The Photo Marketing Association (PMA) exhibition and conference takes place between 12 - 15 February 2004 in Las Vegas, USA.