Branding is critical for a successful photography business regardless of the genre, and photographer Art Wolfe has built perhaps one of the strongest brands in his field. Wolfe, a Seattle native, has been shooting nature and wildlife images professionally for more than 30 years all over the world.   

As proof of his marketing savvy, I remember walking into REI in Seattle years ago and being stunned that Wolfe had an entire section devoted to his images - prints, mugs, DVDs and more. Wolfe might have been the first photographer to partner with an outdoor/sporting goods store to display and sell his work - a truly innovative marketing and sales approach. Placement in REI was the perfect move, exposing like-minded outdoor and nature lovers to his work. 

This story on Photoshelter's blog gives insight into how this marking strategy helped build Wolfe's brand. It's an interesting read about how he makes it all work. 

What's the most creative marketing you've done to promote your photography business?