Online user experience company Teehan + Lax has created a free tool for creating interactive 'hyperlapse' videos using Google Street View. The term 'hyperlapse' describes timelapse videos which incorporate camera movement - something that is typically extremely difficult and time-consuming to perfect. The team at Teehan + Lax began experimenting with Google Street View as a guide for choosing locations, but realised that since Google has already mapped much of the world's surface in 360-degree images, it could be used as source material.

By placing points A and B at the origin and terminus of our proposed hyperlapse, the interactive video is automatically created within a few moments. 

The results are pretty spectacular, and the free online tool allows you to create a hyperlapse video showing transit between any two points in Google Maps. While the video is playing, you can pan around the view just as you would when using Google Street View in its conventional mode. The default controls are minimal (and by default, the hyperlapses rush between points A and B veryveryquickly), but the source code for this tool is available on GitHub, allowing developers to experiment with things such as different framerates.

We love it - what do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

Google Street View Hyperlapse (by Teehan + Lax)