PMA 2001: Canon today introduced two new curvey, easy to use and "affordable" digital cameras, the 1.3 megapixel A10 and the 2.1 megapixel A20. Both share the same body design (though slightly different colour), the same 3x zoom lens and the same features. There's even an optional waterproof case which will allow you to use either of these cameras down to a depth of 30 metres. The A10 and A20 are priced at US$399 and US$499 respectively.


These new entry-level cameras feature 3X zoom lens, 1.3 and 2.1 mega pixel sensors respectively, ideal companions for your first steps in digital photography.

Whether you are looking for perfect family portraits, memories of days out, pictures for your website and email, Canon's world-class photo technology delivers pin-sharp pictures every time! With Canon's proven camera expertise inside the camera, you decide what to shoot and the camera turns your vision into a digital reality.

Canon, the acknowledged world leader in the creation of high quality optics has fitted the PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20 with powerful 3x zoom lenses. With a 35-105mm* (35mm equivalent) 3x zoom lens the cameras are ideal for zooming in on distant objects, shooting panoramic landscapes and everything in-between.

Perfect pictures every time are guaranteed with the PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20. The PowerShot A10 features a 1.3 mega pixel CCD sensor for capturing even the finest detail with 1280x960 pixel resolution. Its big brother the PowerShot A20 features a larger 2.1 mega pixel CCD sensor for when you want your photos printed even bigger.

To ensure your photos have a professional look and feel the Canon PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20 features Canons latest intelligent three point auto-focusing system AiAF (Artificial intelligence Auto Focus). With AiAF your subjects are always in focus wherever they are in the frame. Powerfully coupling flash and daylight the camera automatically renders your subject perfectly exposed.

Canon has combined ease of use and energy efficiency with the PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20. Both cameras use standard AA batteries, available almost anywhere in the world - even your local supermarket. The Canon PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20 feature exceptionally low power consumption for extended battery life, simply meaning more pictures for less money! Canon's long life rechargeable NiMH batteries, complete with charger, are available as an optional accessory.

The future has arrived with both the PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20 linking directly to the amazing new Canon Card Photo Printer CP-10. Why wait in line for in-store prints when you can have your own high-speed photo printer at home? In just a few minutes the Canon CP-10 delivers outstanding full colour, credit card sized photos.

For complete family entertainment it is even possible to share pictures held on the PowerShot A20 on a standard television set by linking TV to camera with a video lead.

Canon has re-invented the photo album and brought it into the digital era with the powerful ZoomBrowser EX software. Storing arranging and printing your photos has never been simpler. For something extra special put the camera in stitch assist mode and take a series of overlapping shots, then use the PhotoStitch software to join them all up to make one ultra-wide picture, it's so much easier than with film.

Take the PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20 wherever you want with an optional waterproof case that is effective to a depth of 30 metres and suitable for diving, days on the beach and skiing. Protect your camera from everyday knocks and bumps with the attractive optional soft case. For the home photo enthusiast who wants that little extra a 24mm wide-angle converter and close-up lens are available.

Canon supplies a full range of software and drivers with the PowerShot A10 and PowerShot A20 delivering compatibility with Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me and Macintosh.

Canon PowerShot A10 & A20 Specifications

  Canon PowerShot A10 Canon PowerShot A20
CCD 1/2.7" 1.3 mp GRGB 1/2.7 ", 2.1 mp GRGB
Image Sizes 1280 x 960
1024 x 768
640 x 480
1600 x 1200
1024 x 768
640 x 480
Lens 35 - 105 mm equiv. (3x zoom)
F2.7 - F4.8 (9 elements ni 7 groups)
Digital Zoom Yes, 2x Yes, 2.5x
Focus method TTL AiAF (3 focus points)  
Focus Range Normal: 76 cm - Infinity
Macro: 16 cm (W) - 76 cm
Exposure Programmed Auto Exposure (TTL)
Exposure Compen. +/-2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
Metering Evaluative metering
White Balance Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluoresecent
B&W Mode Yes
Shutter Speed 1 - 1/1,500 sec
Noise Reduction For shutter speeds of 1/6 sec or longer
Sensitivity ISO 100 equiv.
Viewfinder Optical
LCD 1.5" TFT
Flash modes Auto, Anti Red-Eye Auto, Flash On, Flash Off, Slow Sync
Flash range Wide: 0.26 m - 4.2 m, Tele: 0.26 m - 2.5 m
Self Timer 10 secs
Image Format JPEG (Super-Fine, Fine, Normal)
Storage CompactFlash Type I (8 MB card supplied)
Continuous mode Yes
Interface USB USB, Video Out (NTSC / PAL switchable)
Power 4 x AA batteries (Alkaline supplied)
Weight (no batt.) 250 g (8.82 oz)
Dimensions 110 x 71 x 38 mm (4.3 x 2.8 x 1.5 in)
Price US$399 (US) US$499 (US)