Samsung has announced a new smartphone image sensor that offers 12MP resolution, 1.4μm-pixel-size and Dual Pixel technology for fast focusing. Interestingly, those are very similar specifications to that of the Sony IMX260 sensor that has been found to be used in Samsung's new flagship smartphones S7 and S7 edge. This leaves the question if Samsung is going to use its own sensor alongside the Sony model in the S7 line, just as the Korean manufacturer did with its S6 and S6 edge predecessors.

Ben K. Hur, Vice President of Marketing, System LSI Business at Samsung Electronics had the following to say about the new chip:

“With 12 million pixels working as a phase detection auto-focus (PDAF) agent, the new image sensor brings professional auto-focusing performance to a mobile device. Consumers will be able to capture their daily events and precious moments instantly on a smartphone as the moments unfold, regardless of lighting conditions." 

The Dual Pixel technology uses two photodiodes located on the left and right halves of each pixel to convert light particles into measurable photocurrent for phase detection AF. With the technology employed on every pixel of the sensor instead of only a few, Samsung promises faster and more precise AF operation, especially in low light conditions. The new sensor also comes with Samsung's ISOCELL technology that reduces cross talk between photosites in an effort to lower noise levels and produce cleaner images.

Source: Samsung