Italian accessory maker CPtech has launched a new holster in its B-Grip range that is designed for smaller cameras. The company says that its Uno holster will be suitable for compact system users, as well as those who own bridge and compact cameras.

Made from Durethan polymer, the main body of the holster is claimed to be extremely strong, and the company says it is guaranteed to carry up to 5kg/11lbs – and tested to withstand 100kg/200lbs. The bolts that hold the holster together are made of steel, and the screw of the quick release plate is solid brass. The plate is screwed to the camera base via the tripod socket, and then fitted into the holster via a four-way coupling system to ensure it doesn’t fall out. A safety catch is designed to prevent the accidental release of the plate – and the Arca sized plate is compatible with Arca-style tripod heads.

With a bracket the holster can hook over a trouser belt, or it can be bolted to the strap of a bag. The company says that the way the holster support is designed will prevent the camera from angling inwards to dig into your leg, as the camera will be held vertically and not allowed to sag on the strap or belt.

The Uno will be priced €50/£33.

For more information visit the Uno page on the B-Grip website.