Accessory maker PolarPro today announced its Kickstarter campaign for the PowerGrip H2O camera pole. You could just call it a selfie stick but there is no doubt it is the most technologically advanced variant we have seen thus far. The PowerGrip H2O is extendable,  waterproof and comes with an integrated 6,700 mAh battery that can charge your smartphone or GoPro camera, with an optional charging kit even under water, via two USB ports. Other optional accessories include a waterproof LED light bar, a smartphone mount and a carry case.

The underwater charging kit makes the electronics waterproof down to 99 feet (approximately 30 meters) and the add-on waterproof LED light bar emits 450 lumen of continuous light for underwater or night filming. The pole is made from glass filled nylon which should hold up to harsh outdoor conditions and a rubber grip ensures a secure hold. A ¼-inch tripod mount at the base of the grip allows the unit to be attached to all sorts of camera mounts and tripods, offering added flexibility in terms of camera positioning. 

You can currently reserve a base unit for $69 but backing options go up to $149 for a range of PowerGrip H2O accessory bundles. For more information, a product video and all back options have a look at the project's Kickstarter page.