Photographers looking to try out a Sigma dp2 Quattro compact digital camera before making a purchase (and given its radical design, that's a really good idea) can now take advantage of the Sigma 'Try Before You Buy' loaner program, launched today.

Under the new program, photographers are invited to test the new camera before it begins shipping. Over the next three weeks, photographers interested in testing the dp2 Quattro can visit Sigma's website and provide billing and shipping information, as well as a valid credit card. Sigma will charge the card for the $999 value of the camera, and credit the full value back to the card when the camera is returned. 

Announced in February this year, the dp2 Quattro features a Foveon 'Direct Image' sensor that uses a multi-layer design to detect color and luminance. Its top layer provides 19.6MP of resolution while two lower layers capture additional color information. The camera has a fixed 45mm equivalent f/2.8 lens that is 'designed and optimized to pair with the Quattro sensor and create image of exceptional sharpness and detail.'

Cameras are shipped on a first come first served basis via two day air and the loan is a five day period. Each box includes a return shipping label, as well as camera hood, flash, battery charger, memory card and batteries. The return date for the camera is included in the loan agreement included with the shipment.