With summer finals out of the way, 17-year-old photographer Ian Komac has devoted his newfound free time to a photo project. Called 60 Days of Summer, the Belgian teen's manipulated photos give landscapes and everyday objects a whimsical twist. He's 20 days in, and My Modern Metropolis has published a selection of his work in the project so far. 

 In the dreamy world of Ian Komac's photos, leafy forests house oversized antique phones and everyday objects behave unnaturally.

Photos: Ian Komac

We'll go ahead and state the obvious that his skill level is quite impressive for his age. There's still time to get started on your own summer photo project, whether or not you're past the age of final exams. Are you working on a project? Let us know in the comments. You can Follow Ian Komac on Flickr or Facebook to see more of his work.

via My Modern Metropolis