Following some trade show demos, Toshiba is officially introducing a new 16GB SDHC card with TransferJet technology. The card, which looks to be available in Japan only first, is able to wirelessly transfer photos and videos from a camera to a TransferJet-compatible device.

Sony introduced TransferJet technology in 2008, and previously included it in an 8GB Memory Stick card and Cyber-shot cameras like the DSC-TX7, but it never quite took off in those implementations. Toshiba's TransferJet SD card, rated as Class 10, is the first of its kind. It uses very short range wireless communication to transfer content at speeds up to 375Mbps (~47MB/s) to a compatible device, including the company's dongles for iOS and Android devices. It's not quite up to date, but Toshiba's (delightfully terrible) 2013 TransferJet promotional video is really too good (bad) not to share.

Pricing has not yet been detailed. The TransferJet SD card will launch in Japan; further availability isn't clear at this time. See the Japanese press release for more information.