Reader responses part two – gear that changed my life
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Reader responses part two – gear that changed my life

Photo of Canon AE-1 by DPR member WoifC

We've compiled more of our favorite responses to the question we've been asking – both of ourselves and our readers – "What was the piece of gear that made the biggest difference to your photography?" We enjoyed reading all of your stories and have picked out a few of our very favorites to highlight.

This time around, we saw many responses expressing gratitude toward the person who inspired them to pursue photography, in addition to the gear that made the difference. There were also several responses naming the books that changed their photographic lives, which is a sentiment we can definitely get behind.

Reading your answers to this question has been a true joy in times when joy has been harder to come by than usual. We're grateful to share in the remembrances of the people, books, cameras and lenses that spurred each of our readers further down a path pursuing photography. Thanks to all who took the time to respond, and if you haven't yet it's not too late! Leave a comment and tell us your story.