DxO Labs has created DxO ViewPoint - a piece of software to remove geometric distortion from images. As the name implies, ViewPoint is designed to remove the distortion introduced by the position of the shooter, whether that be the distorting effect seen at the edge of wide-angle images shot close-up, or the correction of converging verticals caused by perspective.ViewPoint is available either as a stand-alone tool or as a plugin for Adobe PhotoShop (CS3 or newer) or Lightroom (version 3 or newer). It is available for both Mac and PC.

Press Release:

DxO ViewPoint: the new solution for restoring the natural proportions in photos

The indispensible software for social, urban, interior, and architectural photography

September 5, 2012 – DxO Labs announces the upcoming availability in September 2012 of DxO ViewPoint, its new software solution for Mac and Windows entirely dedicated to correcting distorted elements on the edges of photos, and to fixing problems with perspective (such as keystoning). Based on DxO Labs' exclusive geometric correction technology, DxO ViewPoint allows photographers to easily and efficiently restore the natural proportions of the subjects in their images as an integral part of their workflow.

Changing the point of view

The deformation of subjects located on the edges of photos is due to the use of wide-angle lenses, and affects numerous situations, particularly social photography (e.g., events, marriages) and photo reportage. Thanks to its dedicated tool, DxO ViewPoint easily fixes this flaw, automatically restoring the natural proportions to distorted faces and bodies to make them look as normal as those in the center of the image.

Problems with perspective such as keystoning have a big impact on urban, interior, and architectural photography, and are most frequently tied to the photographer's vantage point when shooting the scene. DxO ViewPoint eliminates unsightly vanishing points and convergent lines, and corrects the most complex perspective problems without having to resort to expensive shift lenses or to a view camera.

Each of these features comes with advanced controls for fine-tuning settings and for obtaining optimal precision when producing larger prints. For example, some tools offer the possibility of virtually changing the shooting position of the photographer so as to perfectly align the vertical lines along the edges of the image.

A clear and intuitive interface

DxO ViewPoint has a workspace composed of a large viewing area along with simple and intuitive toolbars and control palettes. Thanks to the software's explicit icons, photographers can readily identify the rights tools for applying their corrections in just a few clicks.

The corrections palettes are detachable so as to enable working in multi-screen mode and displaying the full image. A visualization palette and a composition grid allow for precise placement of anchor points for fine-tuning adjustments.

Two display modes are available: single image for making corrections with a maximum of accuracy, or side-by-side for manipulating the original image while viewing real-time corrections.

Powerful and effective

DxO ViewPoint automatically applies corrections while taking into account such shooting parameters as focal length and sensor size, and while respecting the image proportions, for a more natural rendering. And thanks to its automatic cropping feature, DxO ViewPoint maximizes the field of view for optimal results.

Accessible to all

DxO ViewPoint is available as a standalone application for Mac and Windows, and also as a plugin for Adobe® Photoshop® CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 3 and 4.

Availability and price

DxO ViewPoint will be available for Windows and Mac during the course of September 2012 in DxO Labs' online store (www.dxo.com) and at photo resellers at the following prices:

  • USD: $79
  • EUR: 79€ (Suggested retail price, including VAT)
  • GBP: £69 (Suggested retail price, including VAT)