What’s so great about Instagram anyway?

The answer to that question is part of what a group of Instagram users, calling themselves the Pilgramers, set out to find over the course of five weeks this summer.

The series features the group meeting up with Instagram users in various cities across the United States through a series of 'Instameets,' real life gatherings the Pilgramers advertised through the app to bring users together to discuss the Instagram phenomenon.

What started as a popular Internet meme video, “Stuff Instagramers Say,” posted by a couple of college friends, Ryan Carl, and Jody Johnston, both students at Liberty University in Virginia, has developed into a online video series to explore the popular photography sharing app and those who use it. Carl and Johnston were joined by fellow student Thomas Fisher, and popular Instagram user Tim Landis, in a self-funded cross-country road trip that will be edited into several online videos in the coming weeks shared via YouTube.

The second episode of the series will debut tonight at 10 p.m Eastern standard time on the Pilgramers’ YouTube channel. Until then, watch the pilot episode to learn more about the Pilgramers’ unique mission.

The Pilgramers: On a journey to learn more about the community connections fostered through Instagram.