ColorVision has released Japanese and Chinese versions of the Spyder with OptiCAL product for monitor calibration. The software is available as a free download to users that have a serial number for previous versions of the OptiCAL software and began shipping on March 2. The product combines the Spyder, an all-digital, seven-filter colorimeter that works with both LCD and CRT displays with the OptiCAL software. The Spyder with OptiCAL calibrates monitors to a universal standard for color and automatically creates a correct monitor profile. The end result is a monitor that displays accurate color and lets users trust what they see on their display. The Spyder is a USB device and works on both Windows (98,ME,2000,XP) and Mac (OS 9x, OSX 10.1 or better) platforms.

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Press Release:



LAS VEGAS, PMA SHOW, Booth #C-206 - MARCH 1, 2003 - ColorVision, Inc., a Datacolor company and Pantone, Inc. today announced the addition of Chinese and Japanese translations of Spyder with OptiCAL to the award-winning PANTONE COLORVISION family of products. Targeted to color professionals, the Spyder with OptiCAL offers an affordable and accurate solution for monitor calibration.


The Spyder, which is designed and manufactured by ColorVision, calibrates both CRT/LCD monitors (protected by two issued and four pending patents) with its seven-filter color sensor. The Spyder more closely matches the human eye response than conventional colorimeters, resulting in a highly accurate monitor calibration. With the widespread conversion to digital, the OptiCAL software has become the product of choice for professional and advanced amateurs.

OptiCAL is very easy to use and includes a portfolio of advanced features for adjusting calibration parameters for a single monitor or calibrating multiple monitors to a common standard. These tools include a wide choice of gamma and color temperature targets, curve manipulation, precision and expert control modes, and information windows. Calibrating monitors in a digital darkroom, studio, an entire design office or agency the Spyder with OptiCAL ensures everyone can trust what they see on their screens.

"Japan and Taiwan are our key Asian markets for this product, hence the Japanese and Chinese translations. We have a loyal and growing customer base in Asia including Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand, but feel there is untapped potential in Japan and Taiwan, as they are the leading sources for digital imaging products," said ColorVision's Vice-President, Brian Levey. "We think the localized versions of our flagship product - the Spyder with OptiCAL - are uniquely positioned to satisfy this need."

"We are excited to bring our color expertise to a larger Asian market with the introduction of these new versions of Spyder with OptiCAL," said Richard Herbert, president of Pantone. "It has always been our mission to make accurate color efficient and accessible to professionals worldwide. Now a wider audience can benefit from the quality results and benefits of the PANTONE COLORVISION product line.


The new Spyder with OptiCAL™ CD will be delivered containing the English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese versions of software, installation guide, and manual. FREE upgrades for all registered OptiCAL users with a valid serial number are downloadable at the ColorVision Web-site (

Spyder-OptiCAL will be distributed by ImageOne, Lexi Corporation, Façade View and United Color Systems in Japan, Keystone Enterprises in Taiwan, Eastime Imaging Technology, Leader Corporation and Perfect Image in PR China, Traxler Corporation, New Vision Company and Wys Systems in Hong Kong, Cathay Photo in Singapore, MediaSpring in Korea and Vitamin See and SPV Advance in Thailand.


CRT or LCD monitor; Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP; Mac 9x, Mac OSX 10.1 or better (including Jaguar), USB. The Spyder with OptiCAL has a U. S. list price of $388. A model that supports CRT monitors ONLY is also available for a list price of $221.

The full PANTONE COLORVISION product line will be demonstrated at ColorVision's booth (#C-206), including the acclaimed Spectro Suites™. Fantastic show discount and specials are being offered for end-users and resellers by visiting the booth.

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