Sony a6300 versus a6500
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Sony a6300 versus a6500

That was quick.

Just eight months after Sony introduced the a6300, a higher-end sister model to the a6000, we now have another higher-end sister model in the a6500. The sheer speed of Sony's product releases lately is somewhat appropriate, given the outright shooting speed these cameras are capable of.

Both cameras feature the same 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor, the same 425-point on-sensor PDAF system, the same viewfinder, the same video specification, and the same 11 fps burst shooting rate (8 fps with Sony's implementation of 'live view'). Wait a second – what exactly is new to the a6500?

Turns out, there's a handful of changes that can have big implications for how photographers will interact with and use these cameras, but are they worth the $400 premium on the new model? Let's take a look.