CeBIT 2001: LightSurf have today demonstrated their wireless photography solution for GPRS devices and networks. General Packet Radio Service is a new wireless data protocol being introduced in existing GSM countries (Europe / SE Asia) which allows for data transmission at 115.2 Kbp/s.

LightSurf Demonstrates First Instant Wireless Photography Solution for GPRS Devices and Networks At CeBIT 2001

Miniature Wireless Clip-On Camera Captures and Transmits High-quality Images in Seconds

HANNOVER, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 22, 2001-- LightSurf Technologies, Inc., the visual communications company founded by Philippe Kahn, today announced the availability of its MMS-enabled wireless visual communications solution for emerging GPRS networks worldwide. LightSurf's solution allows GPRS handsets to capture and display high-quality digital photos and transmit them to other devices and platforms in a matter of seconds. Todays announcement advances LightSurf's lead in the visual communications market as the company was also first to demonstrate a wireless clip-on camera for GSM handsets in September of 2000 (See Philippe Kahn Demonstrates Instant Wireless Digital Photography, 9/7/00 at

LightSurf will demonstrate the ultra-portable, miniature wireless camera solution this week at the CeBIT conference in Hannover, Germany. The clip-on camera, featuring a high quality VGA color sensor (640 x 480 resolution), will be shown with a next-generation GPRS smart phone. Demonstrations will be given throughout the week in the Motorola booth No. E60, Hall 26, pod 27. LightSurf's technology is a compelling example of the intelligent solutions that Motorola is bringing to everyday life situations, offering visual communications anywhere at anytime.

"The adoption and success of GPRS networks is dependent on the next-generation services and applications offered over these networks,'' said Philippe Kahn, chairman and CEO, LightSurf. "With LightSurf's highly scalable MMS-enabled visual communications infrastructure, wireless carriers are positioned to deliver compelling solutions that put the power of visual communications in the hands -- and handsets -- of their customers around the world.''

The availability of GPRS networks will fuel the demand and deployment of compelling new wireless data applications such as instant wireless digital photography. LightSurf's wireless digital imaging and communication solutions take full advantage of the enhanced speed and bandwidth available in GPRS networks to create new revenue-generating opportunities for device manufacturers and wireless carriers worldwide.

"Motorola is committed to offering revolutionary communications applications to users of our next generation wireless devices,'' said Ron Garriques, corporate vice president and general manager Worldwide Product Line Management, Motorola Personal Communications Sector. "LightSurf's innovative visual communications solution illustrates the tremendous potential for these powerful solutions over GPRS networks.''

LightSurf is a visual communications enabler, providing the technology and services to instantly capture, transmit and manage digital visual media across multiple platforms within wireless and wired networks. The company's end-to-end infrastructure is optimized for today's 2G wireless networks and highly scalable to support emerging 2.5G and 3G networks. In addition, LightSurf's visual communications infrastructure supports MMS to deliver high quality digital photographs optimized for GPRS services.

"LightSurf has the technology and scalable infrastructure for existing networks as well as future networks. I am a firm believer that wireless photography will be a huge consumer and business wireless data application,'' said Barney Dewey, senior analyst, Andrew Seybold Group. "In the near future we will see phones with integrated cameras, and cameras with integrated wireless modems, and a whole set of backend services- all powered by LightSurf.''

LightSurf's visual communications infrastructure includes digital imaging technology for consumer devices, intelligent wireless communications services and massively scalable back-end image sharing and storage systems. LightSurf's initial applications and primary focus is on still digital images, but the technology is scalable to enable capturing, sending and receiving digital video clips via video-chat devices.

Based on open-standards, the innovative LightSurf Technology Platform offers a complete end-to-end solution for MultiMedia Messaging Service (MMS). LightSurf's solution integrates with existing messaging infrastructure and works on 2G, GPRS, and 3G networks as well as standard wireline and broadband networks. LightSurf's MMS solution supports multimedia messaging from handset-to-handset, handset-to-web, and web-to-handset.

LightSurf technology and infrastructure power both clip-on and embedded digital imaging solutions for wireless devices. The company announced its clip-on technology in 2000, and recently unveiled the miniaturized, embeddable digital imaging solutions with wireless communications capabilities. LightSurf has formed partnerships with Motorola (NYSE:MOT - news), Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK - news), Agilent (NYSE:A - news), SoundVision and Concord Camera (Nasdaq:LENS - news), among others.