Manfrotto has introduced a new line of lens filters, with UV, Circular Polarizer and Protective versions available. Offered in up to three flavors - Essential, Advanced and Professional - each filter offers anti-reflective and water repellent coatings.

Manfrotto's UV filter comes in two variations, Essential which uses 8 layers of coating, and Advanced which has 12. The CPL filters are offered in Essential, Advanced and Professional. Essential and Advanced both offer 68% light transmission, while the latter provides more layers of coating. The Professional filter offers 90% light transmission and 12 layers of coating. Protective filters are offered only at the Pro level, with dust, moisture and scratch protection.

The filters are only available online with prices ranging from $24.99-169.99.

Press release:

Manfrotto Unveils New Filter Collection for Digital Cameras

Offers Protection, Polarized and UV filters at Essential, Advanced and Professional Tiers

Upper Saddle River, N.J. (November 7, 2014) – Manfrotto, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of premium photo and video support products and accessories, has launched its newest assortment of filters designed to maximize image quality, including a UV Filter, a Circular Polarizer Filter, and a Protection Filter. Available in Essential, Advanced, and Professional collections to satisfy the varying needs of different degrees of photographers, the filters feature increasing levels of protection at each tier. Essential filters offer solid protection and a water repellent coating, Advanced filters offer increased protection, and Professional filters offer the highest level of protection due to layers of antistatic coating. Additionally, all Manfrotto filters feature anti-reflective coating, the number of layers of which ranges from two to eight in the Essential collection on up to 12 layers in the Advanced and Professional collections. 

“By offering these web exclusive filters at a range of different performance levels, we’re proud to be able to help all photographers, amateur to professional, obtain the ideal degree of optical quality for their specific needs,” said Jodi Palm, Category Manager of Supports at Manfrotto Distribution. “Thanks to our elaborate multi-coating process, these filters not only offer protection against dust, moisture and scratches, but help minimize reflections and maximize light transmission for optimal image capture.”

UV Filter

A time-honored, multi-functional filter, the Ultraviolet filter blocks UV light from entering the lens eliminating blurring, haziness and blue casting. Additionally, the UV filter can permanently remain on the lens, protecting it against dust, moisture and scratches. UV filters are available in the Essential and Advanced Collections. Manfrotto Essential UV filter offers 8 layers of coating and is water repellent. Manfrotto Advanced UV filter offers 12 layers of coating and is also water repellent.

Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter

The CPL filter improves the overall image quality in two different ways; by increasing color contrast and saturation when photographing scenes such as landscapes with blue skies against white clouds and by reducing reflections such as those often seen when photographing water, glass and similar reflective surfaces.  Due to the high quality of the Manfrotto CPL filters, light entering the lens is distributed uniformly, thus maintaining the sharpness and color balance in images. 

CPL filters are available in all three collections, with available features progressing at each level.  The Essential CPL filter transmits 68% of light and includes 2 layers of coating, the Advanced CPL filter transmits 68.1% of light and includes 12 layers of coating and finally, the Professional CPL filter transmits 90% of light and features 12 layers of coating including antistatic layers.

Protection Filter

The Manfrotto Protection filter has been designed specifically for the photographer who requires maximum protection of his or her gear. Available only at the Professional level, the Protection filter is antistatic, offering the highest level of protection against dust, moisture and scratches. With 12 layers of coating, it offers a stronger anti-reflective surface, greater ease of cleaning, allows for 99.3% light transmission, and is oil resistant. The protection filter is ideal for the photographer who works outdoors or in dusty and/or wet environments.

Each Manfrotto filter has been finely crafted in Japan with careful consideration to quality and detail. All filters are available in 7 sizes, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm, and each comes with a reusable storage case for maximum protection when off the camera and for more convenient storage and transportation. This new collection of digital camera filters is only available online at with an MSRP of $24.99-$169.99.

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