For users of digital cameras which take AA batteries the new MH-C401FS 100 minute charger could be just what you need. The MH-C401FS charges each battery independently which makes for a better overall charge and no overcharging. This charger also has a five hour 'gentle charge' option for optimum charge capacity. The MH-C401FS fast charges at 1000 mA, for a 1800 mAh battery that's 0.6 C.

Phil: Another alternative is Quest's excellent Q2 charger kit which also charges each battery independently and can charge a set of AA's in about two hours. I personally use a Schulze isl 6-330d charger which can charge NiMH batteries at between 1 and 1.5 C (60 / 40 minute charge) and also provide a graphic data readout of the charge / dis-charge.

To clarify a 'C' is charge rate. 1 C for a 1800 mAh battery would be 1800 mA and would mean that the battery is charged in one hour. Most NiMH batteries can take 1 C. NiCD batteries can often be charged at much higher rates.

Press Release:

PowerEx Introduces New 100 Minute Cool Charger

LA VERNE, CA -- Maha Energy Corp., the maker of the PowerEx brand batteries and chargers, unveils its latest battery charger for AA & AAA batteries: MH-C401FS. Dubbed the “100 minute cool charger,” this charger is designed to charge with speed and accuracy. The enhanced FLEX negative pulse microprocessor not only drops charging temperature but it also delivers the most complete charge for charger in its class. In its new marketing campaign, PowerEx is introducing the new slogan “Your high capacity batteries wouldn’t last long without a PowerEx charger.” Regardless of the capacity of the batteries, if they cannot be fully charged customers like digital camera users would not be able to fully enjoy the potential of the batteries. The new FLEX negative pulse algorithm also significantly enhances battery life. The new flagship charger from Maha will carry an unprecedented lifetime limited warranty.

The MH-C401FS is also the first charger on the market to offer users the choice to choose between a 100 minute rapid charge and a slower and gentle 5 hour charge, both driven by microprocessor termination control to prevent overcharge. Accomplished simply by flipping a switch, the 5 hour gentle charge achieves ultra-cool charging when charging time is not crucial.

Unlike some ultra-fast charger on the market, the MH-C401FS charger has four independently controlled and powered channels to charge and monitor each battery individually. This allows each battery to be charged to its full potential without the risk of overcharging. The charger can charge one, two, three or four batteries.

The PowerEx charger, built from the software up, features new charging and termination algorithm not found on any consumer charger on the market. The MH-C401FS battery/charger kit, which includes four 1800mAh NiMH batteries, battery carrying case and car kit, will retail for US$ 49.95. The worldwide travel edition will retail for $59.95.

Maha Energy Corp., a leading provider of consumer and industrial battery and charging solution, operates a global network of manufacturing, design and distribution locations to serve both standard and OEM customers.