Canon BeBit has posted links to regional download pages for the latest ZoomBrowser EX release. Version 3.2.1 adds Windows XP support, EXIF 2.2 (ExifPrint) support, Increased processing speed, Improved user interface, Auto run and Improved image database reliability. As far as we are aware ZoomBrowser EX 3.2 is the only application which can currently support EXIF 2.2 input images through to the print process (although only supported Canon printers). This means that (in theory) if you have any of the new EXIF 2.2 cameras (S200, S330, A30, A40 etc.) and a supported Canon printer (phew!) they you should get better colour matching printing directly through ZoomBrowser.

Canon USA ZoomBrowser EX download page

Canon Europe ZoomBrowser EX download page

Canon Asia ZoomBrowser EX download page

Canon Oceania ZoomBrowser EX download page